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Christoph Waltz on the set of ‘Django Unchained’

2013: 25 Great Behind-The-Scenes Photos | Features | Empire

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Desaparecido - Manu Chao

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Polish girls during World War II

These weren’t just any Polish girls during WW2- these particular girls were working as couriers for the Home Army, during the Warsaw Uprising. They risked their life daily, running back and forth from one corner of the city to the next- sometimes out in the open, sometimes through the sewers- in order to deliver messages, food, weapons, supplies, and other important materials. Their work was crucial, since they were able to carry and deliver important orders between the battalions of the Polish resistance stationed all around the city.

Girls also worked as nurses, whose help was immensely important as days of the Uprising dragged on and the wounded grew in numbers, and as soldiers themselves, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male peers and bear weapons against the enemy. Many of them were young, high school girls as young as fourteen and collegiates, as well as older woman with their own husbands and sons also involved in the resistance fighting. And many of these young heroines did not survive the Uprising, but they left behind the legacy of their resourcefulness, bravery and unconquered spirits. 

"I was taking a message to headquarters, I had the papers hidden up my sleeve and I walked down the street pretending to be an elegant young lady out for a stroll. Then I passed by some SS men. I thought, "You bloody bastards. You think you are so strong and I am so weak, that I’m no threat to you. But it is my work that will eventually defeat you.’ That was my satisfaction."

- Courier by the name of “Black Barbara”, real name Irena Kwiatkowska.

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Volvo’s first car, the 1927 ÖV4

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